Thursday, February 23, 2006


I am thinking on shutting down this blog. I want to build a personal website where my blog can reside and add a gallery of pictures, music, and do some PHP programming. This blog doesn't excite me anymore. I need to build one that can be shared with my friends and family.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Sun Microsystems made a bold move last December by donating their Sun Java Application Server to the open source community and named the project Glassfish. Probably, Sun started to realize the advantages of open sourcing their application server and that bringing it closer to the developers would probably gain more support from the Java community. One thing I noticed is that the name they gave to the project has no reference to coffee or any java bean. Since the announcement, I started pondering on buying Sun Microsystems stocks. Its current value of around $4.50 per share.It might go up more than 100% its current value in the near future.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


After a long break, I will be going back to work later today. I still have trouble sleeping after drinking a cup of freshly brewed coffee after dinner. The caffeine is keeping me awake and the good thing is, I still happen to watch the Duane Barry episodes of X-Files on TNT at one in the morning.

I believe 2005 has been a better year for me - in terms of my career. I feel that everything I wanted in my career is falling in place. So in 2006, I am looking forward to doing new things I've never done before - explore other sports, hobbies and more opportunities for personal growth. Of course, I need to work harder on losing weight and make sure I don't indulge myself with too much delicious foods. Usually, ingesting to much delicious foods would most likely give you high cholesterol and diabetes.

I keep on digressing here. But the fact is, I wanted to start this year and make sure that I keep my plans on the right track.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Interesting Techie Blogs

I've been browsing over my collection of RSS feeds using Omea Reader 2.0 and found a couple of interesting techie blogs:

1. ArchiTechie Journal - a discussion of OO principles, architecture and design patterns
2. Daniel Lemire’s blog - Computer Science topics
3. Handbook of Software Architecture - architecture, design principles, Rational Unified Process

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Omea Reader 2.0

For almost a year now, I have been using JetBrains' Omea Reader for aggregating my favorite blogs. It is a very useful tool, especially if you want to aggregate news and blogs, filter what you want and what you don't need. You also have the option to categorize information and mark it for future needs. It would help a lot if you are into research where you have to categorize blogs with different sources and put them under one roof.

When I upgraded to Omea Reader 2.0 a couple of months back, aggregating blogs couldn't have been much better. Indexing was faster, better and a non-memory/cpu hog. A plug-in into Mozilla Firefox allowed me to subscribe to a new RSS Feed from Firefox into Omea Reader.

Download of Omea Reader and license is free for personal use.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Super Friends on DVD

I just watched a rented DVD from NetFlix called Challenge of the SuperFriends. SuperFriends was my favorite Saturday morning cartoon about a couple of decades ago. The idea of bringing together the super heroes such as Batman, Superman and Green Lantern was really exciting.

When I saw the episodes last night, I found it really amusing and funny. Here are the reasons why :

1. Bizarro and Solomon Grundy sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger.
2. Green Lantern seems to get really powerless on anything yellow. He probably avoids eating bananas!
3. The Justice League computer basically knows everything you ask it to figure out. Most probably the JL computer is 'networked' to the Bat Computer.
4. Batman and Robin can read punch cards from the JL and Bat Computer.
5. Batman's utility belt virtually contains anything Batman needs whenever he needs them.
6. The large TV screen in the Hall of Justice is probably connected to CNN because it seems like to get the latest live feed about what's happening around the world.
7. On this DVD set, the SuperFriends won the battle on every episode but never captured the Legion of Doom. They always had the chance to do it but Superman always says "We'll get them next time we meet them." at the end. Talk about the SuperFriends promoting procrastination!!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

What's up?

I've been busy for the last month and a half. Perhaps too lazy to blog after starting on setting up my Fedora Linux box. Or maybe I just enjoyed a moment of feeling good after being promoted and having a considerably competetive salary increase that I've been expecting four months earlier. I never thought this promotion would really have a great effect on me. It's probably not the promotion but the salary increase that went with it.

Fantasy Football
Hey, it's football season once again! I had too many excuses for not really updating my blog but one of the major reasons is that I've been very busy for the last month participating in one of the fantasy football leagues over the internet. This has been an annual event since my friends,(former) co-workers and I started in 2001. The event seems to be a way of keeping in touch with friends across the continent.


I finally bought myself a Nikon N75 35mm SLR and started studying photography. I had to do some research over the library on aperture opening and shutter speed to make sure I get things right. Though initial shots have been preety disappointing, I must say my second roll of film showed promising signs that I am already planning to set up a photoblog in the near future.

I finally bought a CD(actually 2 CDs) after three years. I bought two Ben Folds' album : Rockin' the Suburbs and Songs for Silverman. I just wanted to get my piano groove back again. I haven't been playing seriously for the last two and a half years and listening to Ben Folds' music has inspired me to get back to playing piano seriously and concentrate on honing my craft. It has been a lifelong dream to write a decent song that can be shared with other people. Perhaps I would be sharing my mp3s over the web soon.

I have been addicted to Wikipedia for the last week since I discovered it last week. I have heard of Wikipedia before but I never believed that those stuff could work. I mean, people from all over the world contributing to the Great Encyclopedia and you do not even know if you can trust the information that gets written there. But when I learned that it uses the Open Source concept, I must say it's headed to the right direction.

Today is the 9th of October and John Lennon fans(including me) are celebrating this man's birthday. He is known to be the driving force behind The Beatles and a rock and roll legend that inspired a lot of successful musicians today. My favorite Lennon songs include Strawberry Fields Forever, Imagine, Woman, Nowhere Man and In My Life.

I finally switched to Netflix which I find really more economical than my Blockbuster Movie Pass. With Netflix, I could save a trip to the Blockbuster store. Waiting time was not really a problem, especially in weekdays. Netflix - $17.99/month.

I probably would like to write more ... about Java 5.0, Java EE, VoIP, new interesting Fall TV Shows ... I hope I could find time in the next couple of days.